How Factory Reset iPhone

Factory reset iphone
iPhone 7 Read Edition

How to factory reset iPhone 7 Red Special edition
The next tutorial will explain in steps how to reset the factory settings of an iPhone 7 Red Special Edition.

Factory reset iPhone 7

Please note that a hard reset will delete all of your personal data, information, contacts, settings, media, etc, But it does not delete any data stored in an external memory, so consider backing up your important information and data to the external memory such as an SD card.

When you're done, follow the following step by step hard reset tutorial to reset your device.

  1. 1st Switch/turn ON your iPhone 7.
  2. 2 Go to the Home screen
  3. 3 Then navigate to Settings.
  4. 4 From the following options tap General.
  5. 5 Choose Reset and select option "Erase All Content and Settings
  6. 6 At this step, you should see a warning to confirm
  7. 7 Enter your passcode if prompted.
  8. 8 Finally, accept all information, and wait till the operation has finished
  9. 9 Well done! The factory reset operation has done.