Factory Reset TECNO

How to perform a factory reset on a Tecno phone? We receive multiple questions from our visitors asking how to Factory Reset, and format Tecno devices. Since then, we've decided to write a detailed Tutorial explaining the whole process with different procedures.

TECNO Factory Reset
TECNO Phones

How to Reset a Tecno?

  1. Switch off your Tecno Mobile, keeping the on/off button pressed.
  2. Press and hold the[On/Off, Volume Up and Volume Down] buttons.
  3. Release all buttons when the Boot mode appears on your screen.
  4. Then choose the Recovery option, using the volume buttons and to confirm the power button.
  5. Then you will see the Android exclamation mark.
  6. While holding down the power button, press and release the Volume Up button.
  7. Then select the Wipe data/factory reset option using the volume buttons and confirm by pressing the Power button.
  8. Then use the volume buttons to select the YES option and press the Power button to confirm.
  9. Finally, select the Restart system now option.

TECNO Reset to zero:

Turn on your Tecno by keeping the on/off button pressed.
Open the Settings menu.
Then select the Backup and Reset option.
Then select the Reset factory data option.
Select the Reset Device option.
To finish, choose the Delete All option.

Reset with Google Find My Device

You can easily reset your Tecno android phone with the Google Find my device feature. You can delete all Android data remotely with Find my device. Once the hardware reset is complete, you can no longer recover your data with Find my device.

Follow the steps below to unlock your device remotely without a password or pattern lock.

  1. First, go to Google Find My Device.
  2. Sign in with Google Account on any other computer or mobile phone.
  3. There will be three different options available such as Sound Broadcast, Protect Device and Clear Device.
  4. Click on the Delete Device option.
  5. Then you will see the Delete All Data dialogue box.
  6. Then tap on the Delete option.
  7. Reset performed on your mobile phone.

Note: Your device must be connected to the Internet and your Google Account must be connected to your device for this option to be restored.

Reset Tecno with Android Multi Tools

You can reset and unlock your Tecno Android phone with Android Multi Tools for free. You do not need a password or pattern lock to unlock your phone.

It is also possible to reset Gmail, Facelock and Gesture lock in normal mode and Fastboot mode using Android multi-tools.

  1. Turn on your computer or laptop.
  2. Then, download and install Android Multi Tools.
  3. After installation, open the Android tool.
  4. Then enable USB debugging on Android Mobile.
  5. Settings >> Developer option >> USB debugging.
  6. Press and hold the Volume Up and On/Off button on your mobile phone.
  7. Then you will see the Android Recovery Mode on your mobile screen.
  8. Then connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB.
  9. Select number 5 and press Enter to reset your Android phone.

Unlocking Tecno with a Google Account

You can also unlock your Tecno Android device with your Google Account if you have forgotten your Tecno password. Your mobile must be connected to the Internet to be able to reset using this option.

Follow these steps to unlock your Android phone with your Google account.

  1. First of all, turn on your Tecno phone.
  2. After the number of failed unlocking attempts on your mobile, you will see the option that asks you if you have forgotten the code.
  3. Then tap on the Forgotten Reason option.
  4. Then enter your Google Account username and password.
  5. Then tap on the Login button.
  6. Then choose a new password and unlock your device.
  7. Finally, your phone will be unlocked.

Tecno. Reset Code

You can reset your Tecno phone with these codes. Send these codes (try one by one) to your mobile to reset your device.

  • *#*###7780###*##** - This code erases all your mobile data.
  • *2767*3855# - This code also resets your android mobile.

The following data will be deleted after the reset.

Multimedia files such as photos, music files, videos, Contacts etc.
All applications downloaded.
All application data and settings.
Google Account Settings as well as other accounts.

Why reset a Tecno Mobile?

The hardware or factory reset solves most of the problems with the device software, it is a tool that allows you to delete all data that has been imported, added or installed on the device. Remember that when you use this function, everything will be deleted.

Data stored on the MicroSD card or in the phone's internal memory will not be erased unless you decide to delete them as well.

The most common reasons for resetting any electronic device are as follows.

  • Fix the slow-down problems of the device.
  • Delete a file or application containing a virus.
  • Boost device performance.
  • Used to clean the memory space.
  • Before selling your device, (it is necessary to be reset).
  • Delete all personal data.
  • Deleting all applications and their settings.
  • In case of a hacking attack on your device.